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Customer Testimonials

  • Happy Camper
    Happy Camper

    I bought a used Chevy truck from them. It was in great shape, low mileage and reasonably priced. Dave was a nice guy that made the buying process painless.

  • Very Satisfied Customer
    Very Satisfied Customer

    Overall great experience. Customer service was professional and friendly. No pressure approach was very nice. Price was reasonable, minor repairs needed were completed in a timely manner.  Dave was professional, honest, and went above and beyond what I expected. Dave had the paperwork ready promptly and was simple to complete. Facilities were very clean and family friendly. I would definitely recommend and buy from here again. Thanks.

  • Good Experience
    Good Experience

    I bought a Yukon from Dave. He was a very nice guy and really worked with us on the price. He was very professional and my buying experience was very quick and smooth. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another car from him. Take a look at his cars and you will not be disappointed.

  • Great Experience, Great Car
    Great Experience, Great Car

    Nice people, good prices, and no hidden/unnecessary fees. The whole process was very transparent, and Dave was totally reasonable when it came to pre-purchase inspection/repairs. Would recommend this dealer to anyone, family or friends.


    While I did not purchase a vehicle from Southside Automotive (looking for something very specific, a bit unique), I felt the owner to be very honest in dealing with all of my questions, concerns and needs. He has so much knowledge and helped me in many steps along the way of my purchasing a "new-to-me" vehicle. I highly recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a quality used car, especially women.

  • Great dealer
    Great dealer

    I bought my first car from them and was a great buy.Had a great experience they were very honest and helpful. Very humble and great people. Have quality cars for reasonable prices. Recommend them to everyone and will be back to buy more vehicles.


    This is a great place ladies. I never felt like I was not being listened to or talked down to because I am a female. I had some concerns about the car I wanted to buy and they were wonderful. I never felt pressure to buy and David was very knowledgeable about the car I was looking at. He even had some things checked out for me. I am sending my daughter there when she gets ready to buy her car.

  • 5 star
    5 star

    Let me start by saying I do not like dealerships! I have always avoided their stalking and deceiving ways at all cost. But a car here caught my eye a couple months ago. I kept coming back to view it and when the price dropped $1000 I felt compelled to give this dealership a go. Dreading the visit, I already had an exit plan, but to my surprise there was no salesmen present, just the mechanic in the rear of the building whom said he had access to all the vehicles and authority to negotiate a deal if I was interested. After getting keys to three vehicles, test driving, inspecting and asking questions, I was satisfied with the Taurus that brought me here. I was given permission to drive the vehicle to Indianapolis to get final approval from my wife. Came back to dealership to a very pleasant lady to whom I negotiated an acceptable price (lower). I haven't changed my mind about dealerships in general, but I would not hesitate to come to this one again!! GREAT EXPERIENCE!! GREAT CAR!!

  • Happy Mazda!
    Happy Mazda!

    Great service. Very happy with the car I got. The people are nice and friendly :)

  • Extremely Honest and Caring
    Extremely Honest and Caring

    Dave and Kathy are great people to work with. By far, they made this the best used car purchasing experience we've ever had. Dave and Kathy were very honest, reliable, understanding and professional. The showroom and office are clean and comfortable. Dave helped us find the car that really made us happy. Customer satisfaction is his top priority. We highly recommend this dealership.

  • A great place to buy
    A great place to buy

    We had been looking to replace a Chrysler Convertible that had been totaled in an accident. We went to the internet and traveled to various cities to see their cars. None suited till we visited Southside Automotive at Anderson. Owner David stayed open for us since we had traveled some distance. It was a duplicate of what we lost and in great shaped for a high mileage car. It had just come in so needed a few repairs and to be cleaned up. Dave said he would hold it for us. We kept in touch, and quickly agreed on the price. We are high on Dave and how he worked with us and happy to have found just the right white car with dark blue (perfect) top and great leather seats. I highly recommend this dealer

  • outstanding!

    These guys were great from the mechanic to Dave! I just purchased a vehicle for a great price, and got good honest help on selling my vehicle I was driving at the time. Very nice very honest if I have to purchase another vehicle I will definitely come here.

  • Great Fast Friendly Service

    I found this car dealership on the internet and saw pictures of the car I was interested in. They had several pictures of this car inside and out. When I came to look at the car, it was exactly like I had seen it in the pictures. No surprises! I will definitely tell anybody I know looking for a car, to shop here first. Awesome experience! They even threw in a free oil change and a fancy carwash! Five Star (I did this on a tablet and the touch screen wouldn't let me hit the fifth star! LOL)

  • clean place,friendly service
    clean place,friendly service

    Dave and Kathy was very helpful and kind. I would definitely buy another car from them. I give them 10 gold stars.


    I had an outstanding experience here! I just purchased my first car and I am so grateful I chose this place! After I was approved and knew which car I was going to buy, I was provided great service 100% and all the way through. The owner himself drove my car to make sure everything was proper and in good shape, and took care of everything! They put brand new brakes and rotors and a new fuel pump in for me before I came to pick it up! I was told that they wouldn't sell anything that he "wouldn't let his kids drive" which was very comforting considering this is my first car... Also, when I had put the car on hold a few days prior, while I was working out the financing, it was my birthday. When I returned to pick up the car, there was a huge bow on the hood since it was my birthday the week before and I was also given another "present" of a cleaning kit for my car that said "Happy Birthday Carley" on it. They were every bit honest, nice and pleasant to deal with. Overall, I was astounded and highly pleased with the customer service and appreciation that I was shown throughout my whole experience. If you're looking for an excellent and mechanically set car, I wouldn't suggest any other place!!

  • Clean and very great service
    Clean and very great service

    After our car got totaled in a 3 car pile up for the second time. We have looked at a lot of car lots A LOT of them!!!! I did not feel the presser to buy a car what so ever, Being a female an not knowing anything really about a car. They helped me find the car I was looking for, They answered all my questions that I had, they was very sweet an patient with me. I do not like to be told I should get this or I should get that. You can't make someone buy a car if they really do not want it, I did not get that when I was there. They had so many nice clean cars to choose from, if I had to recommend someone who was looking for a car, I would have them go here. They have a very nice clean play area for the kids to play in. My grand daughter loves their very clean Lego's. They are very amazing at what they do an I am very thankful I found that place to get my car from.

  • Fantastic Service
    Fantastic Service

    Everything was very smooth and very low pressure... We love our Mini Cooper S and will be a repeat customer!

  • Honest and Helpful
    Honest and Helpful

    We stopped in looking for an inexpensive but reliable vehicle for our son and his family. Dave was extremely helpful and offered to find us whatever we were looking for. He gave us a really good deal on a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country that was on the lot. Upon following our daughter in law home, we noticed the brake lights were not working. We called Dave and he told us to turn around and bring it back. They fixed it promptly and changed the oil free of charge for our trouble. Overall this was one of the best used car purchases we have ever made. This was a pleasant experience. I would recommend Southside Automotive to anyone!

  • Good used car dealer. Reasonable prices
    Good used car dealer. Reasonable prices

    Got a used car from these guys. Facility is nice and clean; the staff was helpful and friendly. It was cold outside so they pulled the vehicle inside for me to look at it. They didn't mind as I pulled off covers and poked and prodded the car. The price they asked on the car initially was very fair, and we ultimately settled on what I feel was a pretty good deal. The vehicle I got seems to be of good quality, and the other cars on the lots looked like they were nice too. I drove over a good distance to go to this dealership, and the trip was worth the effort. They didn't charge any funny fees or play any crazy dealer games. If I were looking for another used car and they had one I liked, I would gladly drive the 100 miles to do business with them again.

  • Very satisfied customer!
    Very satisfied customer!

    First, I HATE buying cars.. the whole process of researching, hunting them down and testing them is just not for me. I was in the market for something relatively specific, had done my research and basically just needed to pick which one I wanted. Southside was a bit of a hike and I contemplated not even going bit I am VERY glad I did. The car (and others on the lot) were obviously well chosen for resale and well kept up on the lot. ATTENTION TO DETAIL and HONESTY are obviously hallmarks of Dave's (the owner). I would highly suggest to anyone looking for a best bang for your buck car. In fact, my friend who came with to see the car is seriously thinking of buying here shortly.

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    A great place to buy a car! Dave was really nice. I went to go test drive the car. Dave told me all about the car. I drove it. He did not pressure me nor play those stupid car games. Super simple. Very friendly. I found the right vehicle at a good price!

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  • Great Experience
    Great Experience

    I have to say this was the best car buying experience I have had. I had been looking at other cars(private and dealer) and finally found one in great shape and a even better price at Southside. Dave, the owner, is very personable, and knows a lot about the cars he is selling too. I would not hesitate to buy another car from there again.

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  • Amazing Experience!
    Amazing Experience!

    I'd been looking for the perfect MINI Cooper for the longest time when I happened to see one at Southside Automotive. It was clean, in great exterior and interior shape, and reasonably priced. Dave was extremely helpful and made the buying process so easy. He never pressured us to buy the car and made sure we were happy with it before we did. He went out of his way to make sure my first car was perfect... he put brand new tires on my car before I purchased it and took it to Dreyer and Reinbold to make sure everything was in great mechanical shape. It ended up having to be in the service department there for about a week, and Dave even went to the MINI gift store and bought me a present for having to wait for my car. If you're looking to buy a great used car from a great dealer, check out Southside Automotive!

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  • Highly Recommend
    Highly Recommend

    I looked at several cars before deciding on which one or purchase. I found Southside Automotive through a search on this site and at first dismissed it because it was in Anderson. But then I realized it was just as close as some of the options I was considering on the west side. I inquired about one of the vehicles they had listed and Dave personally replied with great information about the car. When I visited the dealer, I was very impressed by both Dave and the facility. He took the time to explain the pros and cons of the vehicle I was considering. Dave personally drives each car 100 miles before making it available for sale and specializes in quality cars for less than $10k. If this is the market you are in, definitely consider Southside Automotive. You will have an amazingly positive experience.

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  • Best Dealer in the area
    Best Dealer in the area

    We bought my daughter's first car from here. David and Shane were amazingly helpful and easy to work with. Shane made sure that the car was in top condition, and David made the buying process very easy. Friendly attitudes and professional, atmosphere, This was the best dealership I have ever delt with. THANK YOU, Southside Automotive. I recommend you to everyone!!!

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  • Amazing customer service and car from these guys
    Amazing customer service and car from these guys

    Dave sold me 2009 Mini Cooper S over this past week. He went the extra mile to make sure that the car didn't need any extra work to make sure I wouldn't have any problems. Found that the car had a minor oil leak and went ahead and took care of that repair, and also went ahead and replaced the turbo lines on the car which was a repair that wasn't necessary to do at the time but just for preventative maintenance. This just showed how much he takes care of his customers. I'll be recommending anyone I know shopping for used cars to go here and shop with Dave and his staff.

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    One word: AMAZING

    I highly recommend Southside Automotive. Dave, the owner, was phenomenal. I never felt pressured and that was very important to me. He was down to earth and very professional at the same time. He went out of his way to make sure all of my concerns were addressed. I would definitely go back again to buy my next vehicle (even though it is an 1.5 hour away from my house!). Kudos to Dave and to Southside Automotive!

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